Fire Steel Kit

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KonvoySG Carbon Steel Fire Steel Kit!


Are you a hunter, a fisherman, a camper, or any outdoor survival whether an expert or a beginner?

KonvoySG traditionally made carbon steel is an affordable survivor kit for all persons whether a beginner or an experienced. The high-quality carbon steel is made to produce efficient fire with minimal strike and with the English flint pieces, you could expect a great high-temperature spark of the lightest strike. The size (length 10cm by width 4.5cm) is ruggedly designed for easy mobility and large enough to fit all fingers for easy fire strike. A Konvoysg survival kit is a complete kit of all you need to start a glowing fire with tinder in all weather condition. Itā€™s created to endure up to 50,000 strikes. This survival kit comes with a durable quality leather hip pouch of a suitable size (length 13cm by width 9cm) for easy carriage and to keep both your Charcloth (5cm by 5cm) and striker dry and safe.Ā 


  • Traditionally crafted to suites all persons whether a beginner or an expert survival.
  • Quality carbon steel to produce efficient fire with a minimal strike.
  • An English flint pieces to achieve a great high temperature spark with the lightest strike.
  • Portable size of 10cm in length by 4.5cm in width for easy mobility and easy to strike.
  • A complete survival gear, all that you need to start an ember with a tinder and fire.
  • Durability to make over 50,000 strikes.
  • A premium quality leather hip pouch of size (length 13cm by width 9cm) to carry your survival kit, keep your charcloth and lighter dry.
  • 12 months manufacturer guarantee.