Customer feedback

I opened up the kit and on the first strike I made a spark. The striker is great- fits perfectly in my hand. Some of the other strikers are too tight to fit your fingers in. Can't wait to birth fire with my next group of outdoor experiencers! Review from Fire Striker

Cathy Z.

Been practicing primitive for a long time, this is one of the best firesteels I've used. I taught two newbies, quickly, with this set! Leather pouch is high quality, too. Review from Fire Striker

Martin P.

Great Light tool for camping or survival. Practical to carry in your backpack. Can be assembled pretty fast.Straight forward and really strong when assembled. Can handle the weight of cast iron pans. Easy to set up a fire into and can withstand really high temperatures and cook food in minutes! Review from Fire Stove

Ilya S.