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Primitive Carbon Steel Fire Striker

Primitive Carbon Steel Fire Striker

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KonvoySG Carbon Steel Fire Striker


KonvoySG fire striker made of carbon steel is an ideal recommended fire striker for all kind of outdoor life. Made of high-quality steel require minimal strike which in turn produces a safe and desired spark. With the combination of our English flint, you could expect a safe maximum temperature spark of the lightest strike. KonvoySG traditional fire striker is durably designed to last and endure at least 50,000 strikes, absolutely trusted to serve in all weather no matter what whether cold or wet those are in no way a barrier. Carbon steel fire striker is 10cm in length by 4.5cm in width and the English flint stone size varies between 4-8cm in length and 4-6cm in width, therefore, it is easy to carry about by any outdoor survivor.  



  • The quality of the steel made it an easy to use with the desired
  • Our English flint stone help to produce a safe maximum spark in an effortless strike.
  • It’s durably designed to last longer and endure at least up to 50,000 strikes.
  • Made to withstand all kind of weather conditions, whether cold or wet you could expect a normal result. You don't have to be worried about the failure of any kind.
  • The sizes of both the steel and the English flint stone encourages easy mobility and therefore ideal for all outdoor survivors.
  • It comes at affordable price.
  • 12 months manufacturer guarantee, give you a reason to trust our product.


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